Friday, March 18, 2011

Good blog...

I just wanted to blog a quick post.

I've been pondering the current shaking in the earth.

I read this great blog (someone I personally know, so it's solid).

Check it out. Get clarity. I've been more aware lately then ever that I'm unprepared for the days ahead.

who has stood in the counsel of the Lord?

Who of us truly likes discomfort? I pray that God will continue to offer me chances at voluntary weakness and that I would actually begin to take Him up on that offer. I'm thankful that I know one of best ways to gain grace to say yes to this is through prayer...

2 other blogs that recently have been an encouragement and slight challenge to me (both good friends, so also really really legit):

poverty of spirit


how to become a fool

last but not least. I love what this guy posts. not an acquaintance, but definitely legit.

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charis said...

thanks so much for the link. i really enjoyed all 3 of those posts (even though i wrote one, it still really spoke to me!). ha!